Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's Hard to Know Where To Begin

There is so much wrong with Bill Caul holding a high public office that we hardly know where to begin.

But my mother always told me, if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all. I will follow only part of my mother's advice -- as I always do. I will say something nice about Bill Caul first. Unlike some of my Democratic friends, I don't hate all Republicans. A few of them, perhaps, but not ALL of them.

But, the nicest thing one can say about Bill Caul is that he married someone smarter than himself and for men of his generation that is a bit of a leap -- especially if they happen to be Republican and conservative. Bill also is somewhat personable, but not quite personable enough to be really good at politics, like his wife, Sandy. He tries -- but it is just not in him.

Enough of being nice. Sorry, mom.

Let's cut to the chase. Bill Caul has a number of serious shortcomings that make him a poor choice to represent the people of the 99th District. First, he has failed miserably as a legislator. We elect people to represent us, but Caul has NOT done that. He represents well only the richest folks in our community and the state. He puts his interests ahead of ours. When we have needed him to do his job, he has not been there. We'll share more details about that in our later posts.

Secondly, the Cauls are typical wealthy conservative Republicans who denigrate government while at the same time using it to enrich themselves. Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars have enriched Sandy and Bill Caul and their family affording them a nice upper middle class lifestyle, but they both still believe they are self-made people. Both of them have voted to cut taxes for their rich friends and campaign contributors while voting to cut budgets to help the poor and infirm. Bill and Sandy Caul have always been out of touch with most of the people of our district who are not in the top 10% of the wealthiest families in the 99th District.

They do represent themselves and those on the wealth scale above them, but they do not represent the rest of us.

So what else is wrong with Bill Caul? Keep reading this blog and you will find out more. If you are a writer in our district or nearby and would like to share in this effort, let us know. There is so much wrong with Bill Caul it will take a small army to research and write about. As the election gets closer there will be more and more to write about because Bill Caul is so old and set in his ways he will continue to make the same kind of foolish mistakes he always makes.

But he can't help it. Bill Caul is what he is. We need to help the old man retire and take it easy. Maybe he will even be smart enough to do that himself.

Christine Alwood and other Republicans who would like to take his place are hoping he will retire too. They want to make it their turn to make misrepresenting our district a family business, just like Bill and Sandy.

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